Our customers rave about our selection and bargains on Yelp, Facebook, and at our store.
From costume designers and quilters to fashion designers and upholsterers, our customers come from near and far to discover rare finds at exceptional prices.

“I love this place! Amazing hidden gem. Gorgeous vitntage fabric. Fabulous service!” -Didi L., Hawthorne

“I’m amazed at all the selection of unique and one-of-a-kind fabric for quilting, costumes, and home decor. They have aisles of trim and decorations so take your time to look at everything.” – Danielle T., Ladera Ranch

“The selection & prices are AMAZING!” -Trini S., Cypress

“This is my favorite fabric store!  They have excellent prices and beautiful fabric. You cannot find this fabric at JoAnn.” -Safa S., Anaheim

“Fabric by the pound = cheap fabric! Lots of choices and helpful staff.” -Kiran L., Rolling Hills

“There are a ton of options. Prices are very good. Beware though, walking the store could possibly get you hooked to making more creative things.”
-Jenn S., Los Angeles

“The prices here are unbeatable.” -Sara B., Hermosa Beach

“What a great secret this place is.  Fabric selection is rad AND I’m in love with the sweet ladies who work there. I’m a fan.” -Raylene G., Long Beach

“If you’re looking for some interesting fabric and inspiration for ideas, this place is perfect. I got some really neat fabric that I’m sure I’d never find elsewhere. They had boxes of zippers out of the packages for 25 cents each. All kinds of mill ends and that sort of thing, and some great home decorating fabric at extremely reasonable prices.”

Diana M. from Playa del Rey

“This place has a little bit of everything, from spandex to denim and from woven cotton to knit jersey. It offers everything a customer (or I, a fashion student) would expect or hope to find in a fabric store. I always receive compliments from my instructors and from other students on my fabric choices when I make purchases here. The textile designs are quite beautiful on some fabrics. They are fashionable and not dowdy. I come here for dress material and material for other feminine garments. What’s amazing is that most of the fabrics cost less than $5/yd, and the quality is not bad at all. In terms of silk, charmeuse, chiffon, spandex, georgette, organza, and other luxurious fabrics, Fabric Outlet is the best place to go to in north Orange County.”

Jason W. from Los Angeles

“I needed some light blue chiffon to match the linens of a wedding I was doing the flowers for.  We were decorating a bamboo structure with it. I popped into this place for the 1st time!  Amazing.  I got the fabric I wanted, the service was amazing and I am now I am heading back just to see what else they have!”

Casey S. from Redondo Beach

“This is my favorite fabric store.  If you are looking for specifics, you may want to go else where, but if you have a goal, and are creative about how to get there, this is the place.

Lots and lots and lots of fabric.  You have to look around.  Lots of trim, lace, elastic, buttons, buckles, and stuff I don’t know what to do with. 🙂  And the prices are GREAT.

Worth a visit every time!!!”

Kathy D. from Hawthorne

“I believe in love at first sight now because this store is the answer to all of my cosplay making dreams. It has every kind of specialty fabric imaginable at insanely low prices and the sweetest customer service ever. I walked in and was immediately greeted by two women and a man behind the counter. I then navigated my way through endless aisles of a treasure trove of fabrics without feeling rushed, watched, or uncomfortable. I ended up buying almost 5 yards of the perfect fabric for 2 costumes for around $15. The same exact fabric I almost bought at M&L Fabrics for $15….PER YARD and it was half the width. YOU DO THE MATH. I SAVED A LOT. Amazing customer service, great variety, and insane prices make an unbeatable little hole in the wall fabric outlet. Which also has crazy cute craft materials such as ribbon, beads, studs, spikes, gems. Can I just live here?”

Carls T. from Huntington Beach

“I love SAS! I went there as a recommendation from a coworker and was blown away by all of the fabric and goodies they had. The lady at the counter was very helpful in finding what I needed and making some recommendations. I walked out of there with 10 yards of fabric, elastic, a pattern, and hemming tape all for under $25! this is not including all of the buttons, trims, zippers, and other notions that I saw. It was too bad that my lunch break was only an hour. I could spend all day there. As a newbie to the sewing world i would definitely recommend this place for your sewing projects. I will definitely be back to shop again.”

Toni J. from Gardena